Arm liposuction

How is liposuction of the hands performed:

The entire process takes a period not exceeding 3 hours and is carried out through four basic stages:

First stage (local anesthesia):

At the beginning of the procedure of liposuction from the hands, it is necessary for the plastic surgeon to subject the patient to local anesthesia, which guarantees him less pain and a lighter tingling sensation. This step is important and at the same time it is safe and rarely entails any risks for the person undergoing the surgery.

The second stage (incisions):

In this step, the doctor, through his surgical tools, makes a small incision in the tissues of the arms, and the doctor usually chooses the lower area of ​​the arm as it is not visible in the event that the resulting wound leaves a visible trace, which is a rare matter and can be dealt with later using cosmetic tricks or different surgical procedures.

3- The third stage (carving the area):

The doctor or plastic surgeon obtains the desired shape for the arms by inserting one of the types of thin tubes made of metal into the fatty area and passing it quickly and repeatedly in order to dismantle the fatty bonds and facilitate their exit through the opening that was made between the layers of the skin.

4- Fourth stage (excess fat liposuction):

In this step, the doctor drains the excess fat of low density and high fluidity through the use of devices designated for this purpose, taking into account the preservation of the integrity of the blood vessels, capillaries and nerves in this area. This stage usually takes a period ranging between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of fat to be Get rid of her .

The period after this surgery:

Usually, undergoing this surgery requires the patient to go through a recovery period ranging from ten days to two weeks, and this period is necessary and important in order to get rid of the symptoms of swelling resulting from the surgery, during this period the patient should be keen to eat a healthy healthy diet and gradually return to activities usual daily.

Advantages of hand liposuction:

Effective results: plastic surgeries generally aim to improve the patient’s appearance and give him the appearance that satisfies him, which helps him to increase his self-confidence, and in liposuction surgeries, the patient usually gets quick results that include getting rid of the annoying accumulated fat quickly and effectively.

High success rate: This type of liposuction surgery is characterized by its high success rates compared to other cosmetic operations, which increases the rates of demand and trust by people who aspire to obtain an attractive appearance and get rid of such kind of cosmetic problems.

Safety: The process of removing fat from the hands or arms of the patient guarantees high safety rates, as it often does not include any potential risks, especially if all sterilization steps, elaborate local anesthesia and good health care that follows and precedes the surgery are adhered to.