Article about cold laser and dexa device

  • Cold laser hair removal technology is based on the rule of sending light waves from the laser to the skin where the hairs meet, and the follicles are hit by thick, dark hair. And it works to get rid of it permanently so that women can enjoy clean skin. And cold laser technology serves more and more effectively women with dark or brown skin, but it is not completely beneficial for women with white skin, where the hair is smooth.
  • Cold laser technology is suitable for thicker black hair, but it is not suitable for getting rid of fine, thin and fine hair. This technique can cover large areas of the face, hand, or any different place on the body, and it also gives a quick result to get rid of hair.
  • Thanks to the cold light rays that this technology directs to the skin, it is less harmful to the skin than the hot rays, thus protecting the skin layer from any possible burns. The percentage of waves directed to the skin is longer, and the period that lasts is determined to be longer than the time it takes for hair to grow from a regular laser.
  • As for the DEKA laser hair removal clinic, it is one of the most powerful and widespread laser hair removal devices in laser cosmetic clinics and centers, which rely on it for treatment due to its many advantages and the effectiveness of its results.
  • The DEKA laser device eliminates excess hair in all stages of its growth, even before the hair appears on the surface of the skin and during its growth; Where the laser penetrates the skin layers to reach the follicle and eliminate it.